Thursday, September 4, 2008

Easy Wall Art

We made some fantabulous canvas wall art that goes for big bucks at Pottery Barn and Pier 1, but was pretty cheap and VERY easy to make. If you want the project to be more involved, you can really go to town with different mediums and embellishments. We'll give instructions for the easy way, then extra tips for the more extravagant route. (For ideas on the more extravagant route, check out these ladies at

You Will Need:
  • Stretched Canvas, any size or dimension (available at craft and art stores, we got ours on sale at JoAnne's for half price)
  • Mod Podge or other craft glue. This will be used to glue and seal our project so make sure that it is a glue that dries clear.
  • Sponge brush (also available in craft stores, but also at Walmart, usually 3 for $1)
  • Scrapbook papers
  • (Optional) Cheap acrylic paints that match your papers (you can get these at walmart for about $1 a piece, and you only need a few)
  • (Optional) Paint brush (something big and chunky will do the trick)
Creating the Art:
  • Decide what you want on your canvas. Emily got her inspiration from some Pottery Barn flower art. You could do animals, geometric shapes, something related to your child's hobby, anything! We saw a very cute one on 3 canvases that was a catarpillar with 2 big green paper circles of different patterns on each canvas, and little feet painted on. Get Creative!
  • Cut out your paper in the shape/size that you want (we made a template first so as not to make mistakes on our cute paper).
  • (Optional) Use paint in matching/accenting colors to add shadow, contrast or pizazz to your shape- especially if you will be layering multiple papers.
  • Let dry
  • Use your sponge brush to cover the back of your paper image with glue, making sure the entire shape is well covered.
  • Place in desired location on canvas and carefully smooth out any bubbles or bumps.
  • Once all pieces are in place, load sponge brush heavily with glue and begin brushing over the entire canvas. Go slowly over papered areas to prevent tearing or wrinkling. It is best to work brush strokes in one direction (up and down or side to side) for a more uniform look. Brush strokes will be visible once dry, but this is part of the "look."
  • Let dry, and hang!

Tips for Extravagance:
  • Add pictures to your art the same way you add paper. Black and white are particularly eye-catching in wall art
  • Scrapbook paper can be art in itself, create a collage of coordinating papers in different shapes and sizes, glue them on, seal with glue for a finished look and hang.
  • Distress: use sandpaper to rough up the edges of papers and pictures, Ink edges with black or brown stamp pads, water down white paint and fade a picture by brushing on a light whitewash, tear papers or even pictures (gasp!) to complete that vintage look.
  • Embellish: Stamp or write letters, slogans or phrases, add brads, eyelettes, decorated tags. You can also paint or ink large chipboard letters for a more stand-out look.
  • Glue on decorative jewels after the project has been sealed to really make your project pop!

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