Friday, October 3, 2008

No-Sew or Some-Sew Pillows

Date: Tuesday October 14th
Time: Noon
Location: TBA

No-Sew Pillow How-To

Lay a 20-inch square cloth napkin face down, positioning it to resemble a diamond. Center a 12- or 14-inch square pillow form on napkin. Fold in 2 side points of napkin to middle, then fold up bottom point. Hand-stitch through all 3 pieces of fabric along upside-down V, about 2 inches down on each side. Stitch a button to bottom flap near point. Fold down top flap; sew a loop of cord to underside of fabric as a button holder, ensuring it fits snugly around button when closed.

Thanks, Martha!

Sewn Pillows:
*Pillow Form
*Fabric (A flat bed sheet works well if you can find it in the right color)
*Matching thread
*Large Button for each pillow

Thanks for the picture & Idea, Pottery Barn!