Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Girlie Hair Clips

You will need:

  • Salon Clips (Metal single prong clips)

  • 3/8" grosgrain ribbon (the more colors, the better!)

  • Terrifically Tacky Tape by Art Accentz

  • Hot Glue Gun

  • Silk Flowers (we recommend cheap roses or daises with petals removed completely from the stems and centers or packaged petals in the scrapbooking isles)

  • Decorative brads or buttons

  • Silk, Sheer, or Embroidered Ribbon for embellishment

Making the Clips:

  1. Cut your grosgrain ribbon into 4 1/2 inch strips (for covering clips)

  2. Cut Terrifically Tacky Tape using same measurements.

  3. Adhere tape to ribbon (keeping it centered) and remove red backing from tape.

  4. Place one end of ribbon inside clip near the spring and press sticky side to the inside of the top prong. Continue pressing ribbon along top of clip, inside back of clip and onto the bottom. (If all you want are cute, ribbon-covered clips, your work is done!)

  5. For flower clips, choose your petals (making sure all plastic spacers, centers and stems have been removed)

  6. Insert and open decorative brad, then glue to ribbon covered clip. I like to put a piece of Tacky Tape across the open brad prongs before gluing for extra stickiness.

Extra Tips:

  • You CAN skip the tacky tape and just use hot glue, but the tape does make the job quicker and cleaner.

  • For adding decorative ribbon behind flowers with brad centers, simply arrange your ribbon, use some sort of piercing tool to put a small hole through the center of your arrangement, then insert brad (with flower already in place) and open on other side of ribbon. You can then use small dabs of hot glue to keep ribbon in just the right place behind the petals.

  • Buttons make cute centers too, either hot glue them to flowers, and then glue the flowers to the clips, or use thread or floral wire to place them.

  • For non-slip clips, purchase non-slip drawer liners at the dollar store and hot glue one small strip to the inside of your top prong.


Adrienne said...

I'm really enjoying all your tutorials! Thanks for posting them. I was just wondering, I notice you use terrifically tacky tape a lot. Where do you get it? Also, is it a permanent bond then?

Overwhelmed! said...

Thanks for sharing this tutorial. I'm just learning how to make my own bows and hair clips and I can use all the instruction I can get. I'm going to try your tip for making the clips non-slip!

Where do you find tacky tape at? I'm using a glue gun right now and it's too messy at times.

The Domestic Divas said...

Terrifically Tacky Tape is made by Art Accentz. You can get the tacky tape at most craft stores but it tends to be over in the "kids crafts" section or in the area you find glitter or tiny beads for embellishing scrapbooks or other projects. It comes in different widths and is seriously awesome stuff. It is fairly permanent since it is very sticky.

Tracy said...

I am also just learning about making my own clips. Do you have any ideas about where to get embellishments?

The Domestic Divas said...

Tracy, I would suggest any scrapbooking or craft store, or even the dollar store. Decorative brads work great for making a beautiful center that holds the whole flower together, but you can use anything. I bought a bunch of silk flowers and a cell-phone decorating kit at the dollar store (for $1) and it contained 15 adhesive gemstones that I hotglued to my centers. Bags of buttons can be found in the kids area of craft stores and can be glued or wired to your centers. Another quick way to spice up your flower or bow clips is to buy spray-on glitter (silver or gold) that will add a pretty shimmer. Hope that helps!

Anonymous said...

What width of Tacky Tape would you recommend?

The Domestic Divas said...

for Tacky Tape width, anything from 1/8" to 1/4" will work, but the 1/4" will give you more grip coverage when adhering to your clips. Anything more than that will probably be too big for your ribbon. And guess what???? Walmart now carries Tacky Tape! I found some at my local walmart, the brand is Provo Craft. If your walmart doesn't have it, maybe request it and see if they can get it in!

Anonymous said...

Where is the best to place to get a variety of ribbon both solid & decorative in lenghts no larger than 5 yards. To make them non-slip use craft foam cut in strips.

Anonymous said...

What type of material should I use to make the buckle stay in thin hair....

Shannon said...

Thanks so much!!! The no-slip linner worked like majic. So great.
Thanks from this LDS girl in Kansas.