Thursday, July 31, 2008

Ideas, Anyone?

We are taking a little break during these summer months when everyone is so busy vacationing, and when we get back together in a few weeks we would like to plan out our crafts through Christmas, if possible. If you follow our blog at all and have any suggestions or ideas for projects, let us know! We can't guarantee that we will do them all, but we would love some help deciding. See you soon!


Larry & Erica Evans said...

Hi, my name is Erica. I found your adorable site and I love it. A few years ago my friend & I had a friday night maddnes (truley maddness) for our ward that we were in charged of....just teh 2 of us doing about 10 stations. of the Christmas things I was incharged of was the Wooden Snowmen. I can't find where I found them, but I can send a pic. They are a cute family of wooden snowmen painted white (distressed at edges) made out of 2x2 wood blocks at 4-8", then the larger one is a 4x4 @ 12". I made fleece hats with plaid scarves. Super cute.

Wooden Snowmen

Sand Paper
Paint –White, Black, Orange
Brushes, Q-Tips
Hot Glue Gun
Fabric –Hats (3), Scarf’s (3), Scraps
Newspaper & Cotton Balls –To stuff hats

Step 1: Sand edges & Paint all 3 wood pieces WHITE (one coat)

Step 2: While paint is drying, cut out desired fabrics.

Large Wood:
HAT - Cut fleece 17” by 20”.
SCARF – Cut strip of fabric 26” or longer, 1”-2” thick.

2 Smaller Wood Blocks:
HAT (2) – Cut fabric 9” by 9”.
SCARF (2) – Cut strip of fabric 14” or longer,
1/2" – 1” thick.

Step 3: After paint has dried, wrap the fabric around the top of the block to see
where you want to center the face. On the smaller blocks, have the
fabric hang over the block 1”. For the large, have it hang over 2”.

Step 4: HOT GLUE—Fold under the raw edge that will show on the block. Hot
glue the hats on the blocks, make sure you keep a straight line going
around. After the hats are secured, start gluing the seam of the hat
starting from the base at the block to the end of the fabric.

Step 5: After the hats are on... use a pencil to lightly draw the face.

Step 6: PAINTING FACE –Paint the EYES with Black paint, use Q-Tips
Paint the CARROT NOSE with Orange paint, use Q-Tips & Paint brush
Paint the SMILE with Black paint, Use bare Q-Tips.

Step 7: Tie on the Scarf for each snowman.

Step 8: Trim excess fabric –Cut/Decorate the Hat and Scarf as desired for each
snowman by using raffia, or extra fabric.

The Domestic Divas said...

That is definitely a cute idea! Send us a picture to and I would love to post your idea for people to be able to post and reference! Thanks!

Val said...

More wear-ables for little girls! I love what you've done here!