Thursday, June 5, 2008

Easy Single Stitch Beanies

(For whatever size head you're looking to make)

This pattern is not a crochet how-to post, just a pattern for those who already know the basics of crochet. Really all you need to know for this is how to do a single stitch, and how to work in rounds. The 9 rounds given here should be big enough for the average toddler's head.

Time for a math refresher! This pattern is all about multiplication by 6's. Until reaching the point of the beanie size desired, you'll be counting/multiplying by 2's- 9's (give or take beanie size) and keeping multiplying until reaching #6. Then you are done with that round.

Round 1; 6 single stitches in 1st loop (6)

Round 2; 2 stitches in each single stitch (12)

Round 3; 2 stitches in 1st, 1 stitch in next; repeat (18)
(Stitch pattern= 2,1,2,1,2,1,2,1 etc..)

Round 4; 2 stitches in 1st, single stitch in next 2, repeat (24)
(SP= 2,1,1,2,1,1,2,1,1...)

Round 5; 2 stitches in 1st, single stitch in next 3, repeat (30)
(SP= 2,1,1,1,2,1,1,1,2.....)

Round 6; 2 stitches in 1st, single stitch in next 4, repeat (36)

Round 7; 2 stitches in 1st, single stitch in next 5, repeat (42)

Round 8; 2 stitches in 1st, single stitch in next 6, repeat (48)

Round 9; 2 stitches in 1st, single stitch in next 7, repeat (54)

  • When your beanie has a round "placemat" look and it's about the size of the crown of the head you are making it for. (It's the size of the crown when it looks like the small head covering Jewish men wear) Finish the Round you are on and then stop adding stitches and do only single stitches until the beanie is the length desired.
  • When finished, tie off the yarn and cut it a generous distance from the knot. Then use a yarn needle to thread the remainder up through the weave of the beanie.
  • The tightness of your yarn will play a huge roll in how many Rounds will be needed in your beanie. Example- tight stitches will equal more rounds.
  • The goal is to gradually "grow" the beanie so there won't be bumps or lumps.
  • For beanies to fit a larger sized head, continue adding a single stitch between the double stitches as you've done before. (example: Round 10; 2 stitches in 1st, single stitch in next 8, repeat (60) )

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Daisy Path said...

help! i stumbled on your blog and love it. i found you by searching for toddler aprons on google. i just got a sewing machine and wanted my first project to be the toddler apron from your blog. i love,love,love that apron and now i can't find the entry. it was called toddler aprons cont'd. am i just missing it or is it gone. i want to make it for my daughter so bad. i also linked you on my blog so i can see what other great ideas you have. helppppp! :)