Monday, May 5, 2008

Look, No hands!

Oh-so-fancy Baby Slings

What you will need:
  • Fabric: You will need a total of 3-4 yards of fabric- Either 3-4 yards of one fabric, or 1.5-2 yards each of two coordinating fabrics.
    Sizing: Kelli is an XXS and her sling is 21" x 52". This will take about 1.5 yards of each fabric. You can adjust the amount of fabric you will need depending on your bust, shoulder width, hips, and height.
    Choose a heavier-weight woven fabric (one that doesn't stretch)

    • Note: 3-4 yards of fabric will be enough to sew 2 complete slings -but you need to buy that much to get the length for two different prints.
  • Pattern
  • Sewing Machine
  • Thread
  • Cotton Piping: about 12 inches of 3/4 inch thick (this is about the thickness of a Crayola marker).
Pre-wash and dry fabric.

Making the Sling:
  • Fold fabric in half and place short end of pattern along fold. Pin pattern in place and cut fabric. (repeat for 2nd fabric if you have it)
  • Place cut fabric right sides together and stitch around all sides, leaving a small hole open for turning.
  • Turn and press.
  • Optional Step: When carrying a toddler in the sling, the fabric can hurt the back of their knees where they sit. We added piping to one side of the sling as padding for their knees. To add padding, insert piping into open hole used for turning. Center piping along one of the long sides of the fabric and pin in place. Stitch a casing around piping to hold it in place.
  • Close hole (tuck in edges of fabric and stitch through them as close to the edge as possible.)
  • Top stitch 1/4" from edge around all sides.
  • Fold fabric in half and line up curved edges. Pin along curved edge.
  • Stitch along curved edge, following top-stitch line already sewn.
  • Open up sling behind curved edge. Fold curved edge to the side so it lays flat with the rest of the fabric. Pin and stitch as close to the edge as possible. (this way your seam will lie flat with your fabric when you wear the sling, and adds strength to your seam.)
  • Load up your baby and go!

Extra Tips

  • Before you insert your piping, make sure and tape the ends to prevent fraying. Also, if you have to cut it, tape above where you will cut, and then cut. (It's easier!)
  • Our sling pattern is about a size small. If you need to make a sling for a taller/bustier mom, just make it longer (not wider). The width fits the baby, length fits you.

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Lisa Kearns said...

Sweet, I'm excited to make it. I'm sad i can't be there haning out with you all.