Friday, January 25, 2008

Binkie Clips

You will Need:
  • 1 pkg 2" Badge ID Clips (available at Walmart or Office Supply stores- 12 for about $3)
  • Ribbon- 12 inches per clip you plan to make ( 3/8 width works best, but anything one inch and under will work.
  • Sewing Machine
  • Clear quilters thread- easy to find at any fabric store.
  • Terrifically Tacky Tape aka TTT (optional but very helpful!)
  • Fray Check (or other fray prevention product, also optional but helpful)

Making the Clips:

  • Remove the stud joining the two pieces of the badge clip together (we used craft pliers)
  • Cut your ribbon and treat ends with Fray Check
  • Open clip and thread ribbon down through hole at mouth of clip (inside to outside), then up through hole at back of clip, leaving approx 1" of ribbon protruding from back of clip.
  • Place a small piece of TTT behind second hole on bottom of clip. Fold protruding ribbon under clip and adhere end to TTT.
  • Fold ribbon at mouth of clip under bottom of clip. Stitch across width of ribbon at the back of the clip, securing folded ribbon end to main body of ribbon.
  • Take plastic piece and on the flat side, put a piece of TTT between the metal snaps. Adhere piece to ribbon leaving 3/4" of ribbon at end.
  • Put another piece of TTT on the outside end of the plastic piece. Fold ribbon end over twice (to hide rough end) and adhere to TTT on plastic piece.
  • Stitch across folded ribbon end, securing it to plastic piece
  • Stitch across inside end of plastic piece, securing it to main body of ribbon

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